Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • “I want to make more money while doing something I enjoy.”

  • “I’m happy working in a corporate environment but I want to innovate more and be rewarded for my contributions and effort.”

  • “I have a product I feel would be successful but I need to know the best way to bring it to market.”

  • “I need someone I respect to provide useful feedback to me.”

  • “I’m good. But I want to be the best!”

Lenora has been a successful business development consultant for over two decades. Her depth of experience results in practical, motivating and effective strategies for achieving success. Wherever you are in your professional development, Lenora will take you to an elite level of expertise. You’ll refine your goals and reach them faster.



  • Identify your unique value

  • Target and expand your market and audience

  • Build strong, renewable growth

  • Forge a plan for success that fits your life