It’s simple: Do the work and reap the rewards.

  • The difference between working hard and working smart? Expert advice combined with built-in accountability and commitment.

  • No “one-size-fits-all” process!

  • Together, you and Lenora create a Scope of Work – an action plan designed for maximum impact to grow you and your business – and Lenora holds you to it. Honoring your time, she pushes for results.



  • Weekly 90-minute meetings (in person, by Skype or phone). To make a plan that fits your work and lifestyle goals, the first meetings are filled with probing, insightful questions. As Lenora learns about you, you’re learning valuable lessons about yourself.

  • Homework. Assignments are the road map to achieving your goals.

  • The help you need. When you work with Lenora, you have full access to her counsel and support. It’s like having a business partner in your pocket.

  • The power of community. You can boost your progress with Lenora’s vibrant network of current and past clients.


"Lenora is very good at what she does and has helped a long list of people change their lives through entrepreneurship.  She's used to working with people who may have come out of corporate and are new to working for themselves.  She's been down this road, knows how it goes and provides experienced guidance to get you through the decisions quickly and with focus.  I know several people she's worked with and all say they would not be in the same place in their business without her.

Benefits I see:

  • Helping keep you focused on the right things to move your forward, and not rat-holing on things that don't matter or aren't essential yet
  • Accountability to your own goals through the process
  • Thought partner on the business - the logistics, structure, supports needed - so you can stay focused on business development and service delivery
  • It will help you get in the habit of presenting yourself, positioning the business, integrating who you are into your practice. She is excellent at all of this.Help you get and keep your head on straight through the process - with clarity and confidence.”

Leslie Osborn