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These are just a few of Lenora’s growing network of satisfied, successful “graduates” who have worked with her to achieve their results. This ever-expanding network is like a chain reaction, since virtually all of Lenora’s clients come to her as referrals from satisfied clients.



Connie Miller

Lenora’s desire for you to succeed is simply infectious.

Karen Johnston

Lenora asks really smart questions that get below the surface issues and then listens carefully to the answers you give. I appreciate that she isn’t afraid to tell you hard truths. She helped me manage my insecurities in the early stages of launching my business. Her business advice is solid; it works.

Patti Magers

Lenora is dialed in and committed to each person’s success.

Gwen Geivett

Working with Lenora is like having an enthusiastic, committed, business partner who has more experience and a deeper knowledge base than you do.

Catherine Dovey

When Lenora works with you she hears what’s not being said. She helped me clarify my focus, gain confidence, and brought a fresh perspective to add to my own.

Amanda Mayo

I like to think of Lenora as someone who is always in my back pocket when I need strategic clarification and focus. When you work with Lenora, she is fully present and ready to apply her savvy, experience and intuition to help you identify the right approach to tackle the problem at hand.

Jennifer Lewis

Lenora helped me create a business that fit with the life I wanted to lead.

Leon Doris

Lenora helped me identify how I add value to my customers and walked me through all of the steps to communicating that value to others. And it worked - after our work together, I won a six-figure contract.

Deborah Lahti

When you work with Lenora you get a program tailored just for you and your specific circumstances. Lenora helped me think strategically to maximize my time for the greatest impact. She has a keen understanding of people and reads between the lines.

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