How can Lenora Edwards help my business?

Lenora will work with you to create a business that represents your creativity and ingenuity while building revenues, commercial exposure and the opportunity to earn the income that you deserve.

Who should consider working with Lenora Edwards?

You will want to work with Lenora if you need help jumpstarting your business growth, are passionate about your purpose, and committed to change. Hire Lenora to:

  • Position yourself as an expert or your company as an industry leader
  • Fully capitalize your skills and talents
  • Harmoniously integrate your personal and professional lives
  • Smoothly and profitably manage career transitions
  • Accelerate sales growth

What kind of time commitment should I expect to make?

The work is typically six months long, depending on your agreed-upon Scope of Work. You determine the depth and intensity of the work. The more you put in, the greater the results you’ll see.

What can I expect in terms of actual work we will do together?

Weekly 75-minute meetings (live or via Skype) are combined with homework assignments that directly relate to your learning. You have support in the form of full phone and email access to Lenora, too.

What skills/experience does Lenora have?

Lenora has been helping clients succeed for over 20 years, and her marketing expertise spans retail, manufacturing and professional services. This depth of experience, combined with standout communication skills, results in bringing you extremely practical, motivating and effective strategies for achieving success.

When will I see results?

Clients reap the benefits of learning best practices and goal-setting right away. Growth and revenue generation is correlated to the momentum and energy given to the process. Some clients see great results during – or with months of completing – their work with Lenora.