Will working with Lenora Edwards result in achieving your goals? In a word, YES!

Lenora Edwards helps business leaders and entrepreneurs dramatically accelerate revenue and growth. Her insightful and innovative business applications enable business owners to perform at elite levels.

Her comprehensive marketing expertise spans retail, manufacturing and professional services in both domestic and international markets. As president of one manufacturing company, annual sales shot from $1.6 to $6 million, staff tripled, and it became one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest-growing companies — within three years. Since launching Lenora Edwards Consulting, she has built an extensive, influential community of satisfied clients, nearly all by referral.


Lenora can help you:

  • Build relationships and connect the right people to promote your business

  • Find valuable players for your team

  • Learn effective marketing and business development habits

  • Increase personal and professional productivity

  • Think like a business owner and connect capacity and earnings

  • Improve your written and spoken communications so you say what you mean

  • Determine your business strategy

  • Get your EQ right

  • Think like your clients

  • Develop your executive presence

  • Connect your purpose to your work